About our enrolment process...

Here is a quick overview of our guidelines for the enrolment process:

  • We accept applications on an ongoing basis and encourage you to apply at any time during the year.
  • Enrolment decisions are made based on space availability and the our ability to meet the needs of the child.
  • We review each student based on interviews, observation of participation during the school visit, previous child care experiences and evaluations.
  • Selected students will be offered a place in our program if one is available or be placed in the wait pool if we have reached our maximum enrolment.

4-Step Admissions Process...

1. Waitlist

2. Open House

3. Application

4. Confirmation

1. Waitlist...

The first step in our admissions process is to put your child’s name on the waitlist and to pay the waitlist fee of $25. Click the button below to access the waitlist form.

2. Open House

Once your child’s name is on our waitlist we will invite you to one of our Open House events. At our Open House you and your child will meet our director during the Open House event. After the meeting, we will send you the registration forms, policies, and contract if we have an available spot for your child.

3. Registration

Next, you complete the registration forms, contract, and policies and send them back to us.

4. Confirmation

After receiving the registration documents we will process the application and confirm if we can accept your child in our program. Once you receive the confirmation you complete the process by sending us the registration fee.