Policy Manual

Policy Manual


Policy Manual

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Table of Content


REGISTRATION                                                                                                                                  3


ADMISSION                                                                                                                                         4





TERMINATION                                                                                                                                    5






LATE ARRIVAL/PICKUP                                                                                                                     6





CHILDREN’S PERSONAL BELONGINGS                                                                                     7



FOOD & DRINK                                                                                                                                  8

GUIDANCE                                                                                                                                         9

CHILD SUPERVISION                                                                                                                    10

ILLNESS                                                                                                                                             11

CHILD WELLNESS                                                                                                                          12

POTTY TRAINING                                                                                                                           13





STATEMENT OF UNDERSTANDING                                                                                            14










Registration is not complete, and care will not commence until all the paperwork is submitted. Prior to the first day of care the following items must be submitted Montessori & More for each child:

  • Registration Form
  • Immunization Record
  • Parent/Caregiver Contract
  • Post dated cheques for six months made payable to Montessori & More.




In order to get their child on our waiting list, parents must provide the following information:

  • Parents first and last names
  • Best contact telephone number(s) and or email addresses
  • Your expected start month
  • Your child’s name
  • Date of Birth (unborn children may be added to the list with expected month and year of birth)


Here is how the waiting list works:

  1. Call or e-mail our office with the above-mentioned information.
  2. The day that you call, leave a message or send your email will be your seniority date on the waiting list.
  3. If there are any changes to your contact information, please contact the centre to update your file.
  4. There is no specified length of time that you need to be on the list to be offered a space.
  5. Spaces are created when a family or child leaves the center. There is no specific time, however the months of July, August and September have the most movement. Spaces can be available at any time of the year and at any point in the month.
  6. We are usually able to contact families 4-6 weeks before any given space, as parents are only required to give us 1 months notice of their withdrawal.
  7. Once a family is called from the waiting list they are given a specified time frame to return the call and express continued interest in the space available.
  8. From the families who return our call within the specified time, the family with the highest seniority date will have first official refusal of the available space.
  9. If you are called about a space and do not wish to take it at the time, your place/seniority on the waiting list remains the same.
  • You will remain on the centers list until you have asked us to take you off.







Admission to care is only available after all forms and a deposit of a $100 per child is submitted. The full amount of the deposit will be deducted off the last month’s tuition upon withdrawal. The following forms need to be signed and submitted:

  • Enrolment form
  • Immunization record
  • Contract
  • Policy book




There will be a 1-month trial period in which either party may end this agreement for any reason. Any fees paid will not be refunded should that occur.




Monthly fees are as indicated in the contract. Fees include all sick days, statutory holidays and vacation time of our customers – these are paid days. Fees are based on booked days not attendance.

Refunds and credits will not be given for days where your child does not attend.




Parents agree that the monthly fee will be paid on the first of each month in advance. Unpaid fees are subject to immediate suspension or termination of care unless reasonable arrangements are made and accepted by both parties. A fee of $30.00 will be charged for all NSF cheques.




Due to the limited number of spots available priority will be given to full-time students. Tuition for part-time students is indicated separately on the contract.




We require 1 month, written notice submitted before the beginning of the last month of care if you plan to remove your child permanently. All outstanding fees must be paid in full.







Montessori and More reserves the right to suspend or terminate care of any child without notice, should it be deemed necessary for the overall safety and well-being of my family and/or other children in my care. If care is terminated due to such reasons, no fees will be reimbursed.




From time to time Montessori & More will adjust its fees and other parts of its contract. Any changes will be communicated 6 weeks before the changes are implemented. Upon receiving the new contract the parents have two weeks to sign the new contract. Otherwise Montessori and More will assume that the parents are withdrawing their child from our care.

In case of changes in our policies Montessori and More will communicate to parents in written form. The policy changes will be in effect immediately upon communication.




It is the policy of Montessori & More that any information or records held regarding your family and child will be kept confidential. The only release of information or records would be for a legal matter that is requested or required by law. It is also appreciated that any information you become aware of regarding other families at childcare be kept confidential.




Hours of operation are Monday to Friday, 7:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. We will be closed on all statutory holidays as well as two weeks in the summer months and 1 week over Christmas and New Years. Adequate notice will be given in this regard. No fees will be charged during the provider’s vacation time.




Release of a Child:

Parents are required to indicate the name and phone number of all authorized individuals who are clear to pick up the child. All parents and/or authorized individuals are to sign-in and sign-out on the provided sheet, each day the child is dropped off and picked up from the daycare. Only persons designated to pick up a child will be allowed to do so.


Unauthorized Pick Up:

The parent/guardian is required to notify the caregiver in writing if someone else, other than the authorized persons, will pick up the child. Please provide name, phone number, and description of the person. The person will be asked to show photo identification and for the agreed password. If necessary, police will be called for assistance.




Please advise the daycare prior to 7:00 am if your child will be arriving earlier or later than the pre-arranged time. Please advise the daycare immediately if you will be arriving later than the pre-arranged time to pick up your child. It is the parents’ responsibility to ensure that children are picked up no later than 5:00 p.m. If you are not able to pick up your child by 5:00 p.m. alternate arrangements must be made.


Please notify the daycare if an unauthorized person will be picking up your child. Written permission must be received before we will release a child to anyone who is not authorized on the registration form. I will require identification. The person should then be added to the list of people authorized to pick up the child.


In the event that a parent cannot be contacted, it is the policy of Montessori & More to call an emergency contact should a child remain in care after 5:15 p.m. If you or an authorized alternate cannot be contacted and a reasonable amount of time has passed, I will consider the child abandoned and call the appropriate authorities.




A late fee of $10.00 for every full 15 minutes of delay in pick up per child will apply if a child remains in care after 5:00 p.m. or is dropped off before 7:00 a.m. This late fee is due and payable upon pickup or before the next day’s drop off.




The daycare cannot be held responsible for any lost, damaged or broken assistive devices, such as hearing aids, contact lenses or glasses. We ask you to have adequate replacement insurance for such items should they become misplaced, damaged or broken.




Diapers, baby wipes, two changes of clothes, slippers, formula or breast milk for infants and two bottles for infants. We will supply a healthy lunch and a snack in the morning and in the afternoon.










I do not mind if your child brings toys to the daycare centre. But I ask you to talk to your child prior to them bringing in toys to the day care and let them know that the following rules will apply:


  • All toys brought into the day care will be shared with all the children in the day care. If the child refuses to share, the toy will be places in their cubby until they go home.


  • At no time will I be required to keep tabs on the toys. It will be the child’s responsibility to keep trace of their toys.
  • I will not be held responsible for broken or lost toys.
  • No toy weapons of any type will be allowed at the day care.




I will plan activities and provide children with a variety of experiences. Some of the activities will include:


  • Language development: Early literacy, pre-k math lessons, music, story time, finger plays, flannel board stories, singing, science experiments etc.
  • Large muscle skills: Balls, hula hoops, bean bags, swinging, outdoor play
  • Small muscle skills: Arts / crafts, stringing beads, cards, board games, blocks
  • Creative expression: Dramatic play, puppets, music / instruments, flannel board, role play
  • Self-help skills: Assist with snack time preparation, dress self for outdoors
  • Literacy skills: Books, storyboard, alphabet and writing games, number games


Montessori and ECE (Early childhood Education) are the major component of our program. Enough time, materials and space will be provided for children to actively explore the world around them. Children will have an opportunity to use a variety of art materials and manipulative and housekeeping equipment.


Children, including infants and toddlers, will go outdoors daily when weather permits. The children may be kept indoors during inclement weather, for example: Heavy rain, Temperatures above 32 degrees Celsius, heavy snowfall


There is an outdoor play space in my fenced backyard. If I choose to provide a pool for the children, I will be providing sight and sound supervision when the wading pool contains water and is present in the outdoor play space.





Infants and toddlers (children under two years of age) will have a flexible schedule, which reflects the child’s individual needs. They will be given individual attention including lots of time for talking. The body position of non-mobile infants and their location in the center will be changed frequently. I will provide safe, open spaces for children who are creeping and crawling. Infants and toddlers will be encouraged to play with a wide variety of safe toys and objects.


School-age children will have a quiet place to study or relax, access to appropriate materials and activities and will have ample time for large muscle activities and to participate in food preparation.


Rest or naptime will be provided for all children younger than five years of age who are in care for more than four consecutive hours. Children who do not sleep may get up after 30 minutes, and children who are awake early will be allowed to get up. I will then help them find appropriate activities.


A crib or playpen is provided for each child under one year of age. Children over the age of one year will sleep in a crib, playpen, sleeping bag or a sleeping mat.


We occasionally take field trips, including walks around the neighbourhood. Emergency information for each child will be taken whenever the children leave the premises.


A schedule of daily activities will hang up at the dressing area to view.




Montessori and More will be providing supplementary food and drink for children at the daycare to maintain their energy, health and state of wellbeing. I will follow Canada’s Food Guide guidelines when planning our menus. No child will go without nourishment for longer than 3 hours. I will offer the 2 snack times to all children in attendance at the times identified in the daily schedule. Parents providing their own children’s meals will be informed of the Canada’s Food Guide nutritional requirements. I will ensure that the food and drink given to a child is sufficient in quantity and quality to meet the developmental needs of the child, having regard to

  • the child’s age,
  • the number of hours the child is under the care of the licensee, and
  • the child’s food preferences and cultural background.


I endeavour to maintain high standards of cleanliness in all areas and the following guidelines will be followed.






A child’s behaviour is influenced by its development, environment, and caregivers. Each child differs in terms of its activity level, distractibility, and sensitivity. Children must learn to develop socially acceptable and appropriate behaviour as they grow to maturity.


Purpose of this Policay

This policy is the guideline that Montessori & More will follow to assist children in developing self-control, self-confidence, and sensitivity in their interactions with others. Guidance is required to ensure order, prevent injury, and ensure a child’s activities are not infringing on the rights of others.


Guidance Strategies

It is important that the caregiver ‘sets the stage’ for a positive atmosphere and maximum opportunities for desirable behaviour. This will be done by:

Explaining to the children what behaviour will be acceptable and explaining the reason for the limits, doing so in a positive way;

Focusing on the child’s behaviour, rather than on the child;

Allowing the children time to respond to the expectations;

Reinforcing appropriate behaviour;

Being willing to listen and respond in a fair and supportive manner, and;

Observing children in order to anticipate potential difficulties.


Intervention Strategies

One or more of the following strategies will be used to help create a positive climate and minimize problems in a supportive, rather than punitive way:

By establishing eye contact and calling the child’s name in a calm, controlled voice to gain a child’s attention;

By remaining near the child in situations where he/she may be losing self-control;

Children will be reminded of limits, taking their feelings into consideration.

For younger children or children with limited attention span and verbal abilities, we will attempt to change the behaviour by distracting or diverting the child.

Verbal and/or physical assistance will be shown by modeling problem solving if a child is discouraged or frustrated.

Children will be offered choices in a non-threatening and non-punitive way to assist them in meeting expectations or to reinforce limits.

We will clarify the inevitable or unavoidable outcome of the behaviour to the child.

If the child is unable to resolve a problem or take responsibility for their actions, they will be re-directed to another activity, or in special circumstances, be limited in the use of a piece of equipment.




If all else fails, the child will be removed from the situation in a way that ensures that the ‘time out’ is a positive learning experience:

  • prior to the use of ‘time out’ the child will be given an explanation of what it means and what it involves.
  • the ‘time out’ place will be located within the play area, where they can still be supervised, but far enough from the activity.
  • the child will be allowed to determine when he/she can return to the activity.
  • for pre-schoolers the ‘time out’ period will be no more than one minute per year of age, to a maximum of five (5) minutes.
  • Appropriate or acceptable behaviour of the child following ‘time out’ will receive praise.
  • When a child is ready, they will be provided an opportunity to make amends.


Practices, which are Unacceptable

Montessori & More considers the following practices, unacceptable and will not tolerate their use:

  • corporal punishment, i.e. shoving, hitting, shaking, spanking
  • harsh, belittling, or degrading treatment
  • confinement, unsupervised separation from others, physical restraint as punishment
  • depriving children of meals, snacks, rest or necessary use of the toilet as punishment




I, as proprietor of Montessori & More, have the duty of care to provide adequate supervision of children at all times. The children are my number one priority. Their overall wellbeing is of utmost importance to me.



  • To ensure I am aware of the variables relating to supervision
  • To ensure safety for children when participating in excursions
  • To ensure that I have the capacity to evaluate supervisory practices and respond appropriately.



Parents will:

  • Personally deliver children to me and ensure that I am informed when departing;
  • Inform me if a person, other than authorized, will be collecting the child. This can be done via a phone call, in the event of an emergency; the password has to be given by the caller and by the person who is picking up the child
  • Ensure the ‘Authorized Person to Collect’ information is up to date;




  • Inform me of any current or pending court orders affecting the child. Provide the centre with a photocopy of the court order to be kept with the child’s enrolment form;
  • Ensure they are familiar with the procedures to be followed when attending excursions with the group;
  • Adhere to correct “Sign In and Out” procedures;
  • Ensure that the front door and playground gates are closed after entry or exit;


I will:

  • Ensure that I will be close enough to children to intervene in the event of an issue occurring;
  • Have clear sight lines to all children in the group at all times. I will place myself in a position to ‘supervise’ as much of the ‘whole group’ as possible;
  • Ensure that where multiple areas are available to children at the same time (indoor/outdoor activities) that such areas are appropriately supervised;
  • Ensure children are only released only to authorized people;
  • Ensure younger children’s safety is not compromised in the mixed age group;
  • A baby monitor will only be used when the children having a naptime.
  • I will be immediately available to the children and to regularly check on the child’s play behaviour to ensure safety and positive social interaction. I will hear, check on, respond, and supervise the children.
  • Complete accident/incident forms for all injuries
  • Be consistent in enforcing limit setting using my “Guiding Children Behaviour guidelines ”
  • Be aware of the location of each child at all times;
  • Ensure that supervision is active and interactive with children.
  • Not take hot drinks into the playroom or playground area.
  • Encourage children who wish to use the bathroom, to inform me and I will accompany them.
  • Question any strangers to my center during operating hours, will not be allowed to enter without the consent of the parents of the children.
  • Ensure that front door and playground gates are closed after entry and exit;
  • Ensure all areas are visible, accessible and free of potential hazards;







  • Pain – any complaints of unexplained or undiagnosed pain
  • Fever (100°F/38.3°C or higher)
  • Sore throat or trouble swallowing
  • Headache or stiff neck
  • Unexplained diarrhea or loose stool combined with nausea, vomiting or abdominal cramps. The child will be kept at home until all symptoms have stopped.
  • Nausea or vomiting
  • Sever itching of the body and scalp
  • Known or suspected communicable diseases.




Parents will inform the daycare within 24 hours of a diagnosis of a serious illness or contagious disease of a communicable nature in the family. This is to protect my family and the other families who attend the daycare. Failure to do so is grounds for immediate termination of care. Parents agree that a child will be symptom free, without the aid of symptom reducing medications such as Tylenol, for a full 24 hours prior to returning to daycare. We reserve the right to ask for a note from your family doctor, depending on the illness/disease.




To protect the health and wellness of the children attending Montessori & More, everyone is strongly encouraged to follow universal precautions and proper hygiene when at all possible. As a result, we practice frequent hand washing and the use of gloves during all diapering or assistance with toileting, as well as while handling any injuries if they happen. I like to provide opportunities for healthy nutrition, hygiene, and regular exercise, including daily outdoor play, in a safe and clean environment. On a regular basis, the staff at Montessori & More will be learning the needs of each child in care so that the best individual care can be offered. A valid First Aid Certificate is kept up to date.


It is required that you provide the immunization history of your child so that in the event of a community or facility outbreak, there is an understanding of risk to each child in my care. If you have chosen not to immunize your child, a signed note from you, the parent, stating such will be required.














We will work in conjunction with parents during potty training. If you have a method that has been working for you, please let us know and we will adopt it for your child. We will work with you – but not for you. Should you discontinue potty training at home, please let us know. If a child shows no interest in potty training, we may choose to discontinue and try again at a later date.




Prescription medications will only be given to a child in care with the following conditions:


  • Parent gives written permission to the caregiver, with full instructions as to dosage, and times to administer medication.
  • All prescribed medications must have the child’s name on the prescription bottle.
  • Non-prescription medications will be administered as per recommended dosages on medicine bottle.




First Aid equipment will be kept in the cubby shelf out of reach of the children. The center’s director will check the equipment periodically. All staff members will be trained in infants and children’s CPR and First Aid. All staff will have current First Aid certificates. When hiring staff, we will record the expiry date of First Aid certificates for future monitoring. All personal information required for handling children’s emergencies will be recorded and easily available at all times.

Completed and updated emergency information consent cards will be kept in the first aid kit.




When a child becomes ill, I will make the child comfortable in a quiet place where he/she can rest and will be closely supervised. Parents will be notified immediately and agree to begin to making alternate work arrangements or arrangements for alternate care. If your child is seriously ill, you or an alternate must come for the child IMMEDIATELY. If I cannot reach a parent, I will call an emergency contact listed on the registration form or the child’s doctor may be contacted depending on the seriousness of the illness.











I/We hereby acknowledge and declare that:


(i)    I/We confirm that I was given Montessori & More’s policies.


(ii)    I/We confirm that I have read these policies.


(ii)    I/We agree to conduct my activities in accordance with Montessori & More’s policies and understand that breaching these may result in termination of the care agreement.




_______________________       _______________________          _______________________

Name parent/guardian               Signature parent/guardian           Date



_______________________       _______________________          _______________________

Name parent/guardian               Signature parent/guardian           Date







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