Our Philosophy


Our program follows the educational approach developed by Maria Montessori and includes other elements of Early Childhood Education. The Montessori method has been successful for over 100 years amongst diverse cultures around the world. Dr Montessori’s approach was developed from scientific observations made from birth to adulthood. It includes the whole child, physical, social, emotional and cognitive. The Montessori approach is as much about a child’s emotional well being as it is their cognitive development.

We also include elements of Early Childhood Education, learning through play, which allows children to grow, learn and thrive in an environment that meets their needs. Montessori materials as well as other Early Childhood Educational material will be present in our learning environment.

Each child is seen as an individual and we respect their unique characteristics and traits and desire to foster growth in each child that reaches to their best possible potential.

A 12 minute introduction to Montessori education from the Montessori Foundation:

Montessori: Planting the Seeds of Learning