At Montessori & More, our curriculum was created based on the educational theory and methods of Maria Montessori and is enriched with the latest research in Early Childhood Development and psychology. 


The Montessori & More program has been carefully designed with the understanding that each child is unique. Learning is geared to provide every child with individualized lessons. We provide our students with engaging learning experiences aimed at growing and enhancing their development in all areas of their lives. Our goal is to create a caring and stimulating environment where all the children are thriving cognitively, emotionally, as well as physically.


Below, you will find a detailed description of our curriculum.




Math & Science…

Early mathematical lessons will be introduced to the children in a very concrete way. Lessons will begin with the numbers from 1-10, both the quantity and the symbol. Introduction to counting through fun games such as counters and objects, spindles, and numerical cards will be introduced. Through these concrete learning experiences, the children will learn to count, skip count, add, subtract, and more depending on the individual child.



In the language program children will develop awareness of the phonetic sounds of the alphabet. Children will learn to identify the letters and know the sounds of each letter. Lessons in phonograms, spelling, writing and early reading skills will be a regular part of the child’s language lessons. 


Cultural Studies…

This area will cover lessons in Geography, Science, Botany, Zoology, and History.

Geography includes geographical and cultural understanding. The children will become global citizens by learning to appreciate other cultures and areas of the world. Science includes the seasons, layers of the earth, volcanoes and fun science experiments and more. Zoology is the study of animals. Lessons on the five vertebrates are given. Also, invertebrates are discussed including spiders, insects, worms, etc. Botany includes the study of plants, trees, herbs and spices and how important they are to us

Fine Arts…

Art is invited into the children’s all day learning experience. The children will be able to experience modeling clay, play dough painting, gluing, cutting, weaving, sewing and more. Daily art activities will be made available and will also include individual art projects. Fun activities such as making their own play dough, fun slime, globes and more will be included in the children’s art experience.



Music in our center aims to engage the children’s natural love of songs, instruments, movement, and imaginative play. Music in our centre will cover: listening, singing, use of instruments, melody making, and beginner note recognition. The children will participate in our annual concerts. 


Physical Education…

Children in our program have daily outdoor time which includes activities such as running, riding likeabikes, building sand castles or igloos. During these outdoor times, our kids get to know soccer, hockey, and basketball skills. We also go on walks together to explore the neighbourhood. 


Practical Life…

Concentration and the ability to focus is the foundational elements in order for a child to thrive in future school settings. Lessons in practical life allow a child to develop this needed concentration and focus. These lessons have a purpose to develop muscular control, confidence, independence, endurance and concentration. This focus is developed through fun activities such as mixing bubbles, pouring water, or using zipper or button frames.  Children will develop important skills that will enable them to be school/kindergarten ready.


The sensorial lessons allow the children to experience and refine their senses (sight, touch, sound, smell, taste.) The children will also learn to discriminate and classify differences in areas such as, size, shape, colour, sound and texture. Sensorial education is the beginning foundation where children learn to develop analytical thinking skills and begin to observe abstract concepts.


It is at the core of who we are at Montessori & More that all children are safe and know they belong. Our staff model and teach kind interactions and relationships that support this mission. Our goal is that the children learn to care for others and develop a distinct value of inclusion. Our annual Christmas Shoe Box Giveaway to homeless people is an example of how we build awareness of others and empathy in our students.



A large part of the Montessori philosophy is built on the goodness of every child’s soul. Maria Montessori was a Catholic who included elements of spirituality and nurture for the inner peace of every child’s soul. We will include prayers of thankfulness and peace. Children will be invited to celebrate during Harvest Festival, Easter, Christmas and other community celebrations. Children of all religious backgrounds are welcome at our centre.



In our program, children learn to care for the environment and to be respectful of the resources that are given to them. This also includes learning about plants, gardening, and recycling.